Basic Needs
Together We Will End Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness

Basic Needs Security Field Study Units

Basic Needs Security Field Study Units

The Spring 2018 Basic Needs internship application is NOW Closed.

Be sure to Check back for the fall 2018 round.


The Basic Needs Security Team have exciting projects every year that require passionate and committed interns and volunteers to maximize their success. For those interested in the unit-earning internship, the unit count determines time requirement:

  • (1) Unit = 45 Hours
  • (2) Units = 90 Hours  

If you are interested, please review our application specifics & coordinator descriptions to inform your team selection! All interns will also volunteer at the UCB Food Pantry in addition to their allocated responsibilities.

Working with the food pantry has been an insightful experience because it not only allowed me to build connections on campus but with the community as well. As a funds and resources intern, I learned a lot of skills including but not limited to: grant writing, public speaking, marketing, networking, and skills that I’ll be able to use even beyond my time with the Food Pantry.
— Wafiqah Shah

  • Finances/Accounting, Sally liang (Coordinator)

    • Seeking 2 Interns

      Interns will be responsible for assessing funds and support BNS's spring events on the finance end. Moreover, they will analyze a $700,000+ budget and create data visualization for it. Interns will also have the opportunity to take lead on the restaurant mapping project, which involves using a software to map data points from an excel file. Please indicate in your application if you have a preference for data visualization or the mapping project.

      Intern requirements:
      - Experience in budget analysis
      - Preference for CS, economics, statistics, business, or applied math major/intended
      - Ability to multitask
      - Proficiency in Excel
      - R, Python, or other data science skills are preferred

  • Community programs, sara tsai (coordinator)

    • Seeking 2-3 Interns

      Interns will be responsible for community outreach and increasing basic needs security awareness around campus by assisting with logistics for Nutrition Week, BNS End of Year Celebration, and pre-ASUC Elections BNS Workshops, attending BNS Coalition meetings, and helping with additional community initiatives. Interns will be expected to be physically present at Nutrition Week activities (3/11-3/16). This capacity offers interns the opportunity to do high-impact work and directly communicate with campus and community leaders.

      Skills needed:
      - Strong communication, organizational, and speaking skills
      - Familiarity with community/campus organizations preferred
      - Familiarity with Microsoft Powerpoint preferred
      - Experience with event planning preferred

  • Branding, lotta meriluoto (coordinator)

    • Seeking 1 intern

      Interns will aid in producing BNS marketing materials for events throughout the semester (such as Nutrition Week and CalFresh clinics), including flyers, social media graphics, a monthly newsletter concerning Basic Needs news, etc. They will also be working with Squarespace and Wordpress platforms to update the BNS website and create the new CalFresh website, as well as promotional posts on social media platforms.

      Intern requirements:
      - Experience with Squarespace and Wordpress
      - Preferred background in Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or other graphic design programs
      - Preferred skill in HTML/CSS, Excel, and/or Javascript
      - Effective communication skills and task responsibility

  • Food Pantry Operations, Carolyn Hsieh (Coordinator)

    • Seeking 1-2 Interns

      Interns will provide support with streamlining operations at the pantry via coordinating deliveries, working with campus partners, and implementing other projects as desired. Interns will also lead efforts to expand pantry services, including mobile pantry pop-ups, food recovery efforts, and other events in the community.

      Intern requirements:
      - Strong communication skills
      - Organized, detail-oriented
      - Self-motivated and able to work independently
      - Experience working directly with community organizations/underserved populations preferred
      - Please note: your availability Tuesday mornings, and whether you have a driver's license in the questions below (scroll down)

  • Global Food Initiative, maria balcazar tellez (fellow/Coordinator) 

    • Seeking 1-2 Interns

      Intern will support the coordinator in several GFI/BNS research initiatives, specifically in providing research assistance and support with the 2017-2018 Basic Needs Annual Report and the Wellness Screener Tool project. The goal for the Wellness Screener project is to connect eligible incoming students with public benefits and campus services to support their transition into college. This tool will be a first of its kind!

      Intern requirements:
      - Strong communication and writing skills
      - Excellent organizational and time management skills
      - Experience with research and data analysis preferred
      - Graduate students and upperclassmen preferred

  • video and photography, karina candela (coordinator) 

    • Seeking 1 Intern

      Interns will assist in creating digital content in the form of photography and videography for Basic Needs Services. This
      includes, but is not limited to, promotional content, recap videos, and creative advertisement of Basic Needs Services.

      Intern requirements:
      - Creative and artistic outlook preferred
      - Effective task completion strategies and skills
      - Proficiency in photography and videography
      - Proficiency in editing applications such as Premier Pro
      - Knowledge of film equipment and how to use it

  • calfresh clinics, hong heng (coordinator)

    • Seeking 2-3 Interns

      Interns will promote understanding around food insecurity to students, staff, and campus workers, while educating members on the SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)/CalFresh. Interns will also work to maintain CalFRESH clinic enrollment and follow up with media communications, as well as hosting CalFresh enrollment clinics. Lastly as well as working on CalFresh actions and events, interns will also be volunteering to operate the food pantry.

      Skills preferred:
      - Strong communication skills, while being emotionally engaging with impacted food insecure individuals
      - Have a basic understanding of federal, state, and county laws and regulations around the CalFRESH
      - Be able to travel and attend forums and events.
      - Preference will be given to :
           - Applicants with Friday availability
           - Able to commit at least 3-5 hours weekly to educating campus members


    • Seeking 2-3 interns

      The farms and gardens program connects our student urban agriculture programs with Basic Needs food security programs including the food pantry and nutrition and cooking workshops. This semester we will also be launching coordinated Basic Needs food recovery and harvesting/gleaning programs. Interns will be able to support with outreach, recruitment and coordination of these programs. We are also looking for an intern to work on a "sustainable and just food vendor project" to compile value-based guidelines for engaging with vendors for UC Berkeley campus events. Please indicate in your application which project or programs you are most interested in.

      Intern requirements:
      - Strong communication skills
      - Ability to multitask and manage complex operations
      - Gardening knowledge not required!