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CARE Report

The Students of Concern Committee (SOCC) provides a centralized place for various campus departments to come together and communicate relevant information, coordinate institutional response, and consult about students of concern. Students are referred to Student Affairs Case Management when they are exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical, and emotional well-being; select cases are then brought to the Students of Concern Committee, when appropriate.

When a student exhibits behaviors of high concern and could potentially be a risk to self and others, SOCC coordinates a proactive effort to prevent and/or manage the situation.

SOCC is NOT for emergencies; if there is an emergency, call UCPD at 510-642-3333.

If you have questions about submitting a report, please call 510-664-4218.

Downloadable SOCC handout for more information!

If you are a student who has been accused of misconduct and face suspension or dismissal you may contact the Student Affairs Case Management Office for respondent services assistance.

Referable Concerning Behaviors
• Unusual or erratic behavior in class, in the residence halls, during advising sessions, etc.
• Extended absence from class or activities by a typically engaged student
• Written work or creative expression with troubling themes or references
• Verbal or written threats made by a student toward another students, faculty, and/or staff
• Written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation or intent
• Other actions that cause an alarm or call into question the safety of the student or his/her peers

The Process

  1. A member of SOCC might be in communication with the Point of Contact to share the coordinated plan of action as needed.
  2. A faculty or staff member (hereafter Point of Contact) believes that a critical incident or circumstance has reached a high level of concern.
  3. Point of Contact submits Care report through the Berkeley Advocacy portal.

Once a report is accepted and assessed:

  • A member of the SOCC team may call the Point of Contact to gather more information if needed.
  • The SOCC chair will evaluate the situation and consult with team members to determine what further steps are required.
  • A member of SOCC might be in communication with the Point of Contact to share the coordinated plan of action as needed.