Basic Needs
Together We Will End Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness

Garden and Farming Skills

The Clark Kerr edible landscapes consist of an organic culinary garden and various orchards throughout the campus. The UC Gardeners and the Grounds Department, Cal Dining Chefs, and the Cal Dining Sustainability Team student gardeners collaborate to maintain the garden and a portion of the orchards, while Sports and Rec along with agroecological research students maintain hillside orchards for ecological restoration.

For more information or interested in getting involved, contact

Natalia Semeraro  Garden Coordinator | Sustainability Team
Rosalie Z Fanshel   Program Manager | Berkeley Food Institute

Our project aims to contribute holistically to campus sustainability efforts by including principles of agroecology, drought mitigation practices, efforts to localize meals, sustainability education, as well as equity within the food system. We also create and hold weekly workshops to foster food literacy and practical training skills among volunteers. With both theory and hands-on experience, participants can learn sustainable agricultural skills and learn how to perform them. Volunteers will then carry these skills with them and educate others as well. In addition, we plan and maintain these edible landscapes to contribute to food security on campus. Lastly, by fostering collaboration among various players and maintaining an archive of information, the campus community will be able to better learn from and share tips and best practices.

We are working to take a broader perspective of our surrounding ecology. As conscientious stewards of the land it is good for us to support the native members of the ecosystem, but in looking around the area we have to recognize the ‘we’ are part of the ecosystem, and regardless of if that is a good thing or not, it does make sustainable and ecological sense to support our community as well as possible. Edible landscaping is able to provide all of the same functional benefits which the rest of the landscapes around campus hope to achieve, while at the same time also providing various forms of produce as an added bonus for all of the watering, pruning and care which has gone into to helping keep healthy beautiful plants grow around us.
— James Sanner, Orchard Manager with Sports and Rec
Gardening at Clark Kerr has been a wonderful experience that I am glad I have been able to join in on. It’s especially rewarding to know that the work we do benefits students who are in need.
— Jose, Student Volunteer