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Together We Will End Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness


Welcome to UC Berkeley's Basic Needs Security Hub!

Basic Needs Security refers to the food, housing, and wellness security of our community. We understand that basic needs have a direct impact on the mental-emotional-physical health, wellness, academic performance, professional development, and holistic success of our students.

The quality of life of our students, has a major impact on their sense of belonging, persistence, graduation, and overall experience.  Therefore, we refuse to accept hunger, malnourishment, and homelessness as part of our university. 

UC Berkeley's Basic Needs Security Committee is fully dedicated to leading the transformation of UC Berkeley into a basic needs secure institution of higher education.

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Collective Learning & Building 

We are excited for the ongoing learning, building, and improvement of our collective efforts. Please note that this site will continue to shift and improve as we earn better knowledge, strategies, and materials along our collective energy.

We honor your grace, support, and engagement to ensure the best information & experience is provided for all.

Thank you for journeying with us! 

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Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness are unacceptable. These are real-time global challenges that are impacting our community. We will investigate them. We will institutionalize innovative efforts to eradicate them. We will advocate for all institutions of higher education to become basic needs secure. We must, together we will!
— Ruben E. Canedo, Committee Chair