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UHS Eating on a Budget

University Health Services provides online resources and in person food and cooking skills training with registered dietitians to help you eat well on a budget.

What's Eating You? Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Maybe you or someone you care about is struggling with eating too much, not eating enough, eating on a budget, body image issues, or just a desire to have better eating habits. Eating on a budge can help you!

A subtopic of the What's Eating You campaign from the University Health Services, Eating on a Budget provides resources for affordable and healthy eating. Other subtopics include Mindful Eating, Positive Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Healthy Habits. Explore the full campaign by clicking "Learn More" at the bottom of this page.

Still having trouble formulating a nutrition plan that works for you? Make an appointment to see a registered dietician at the Tang Center.

Call: (510) 642-2000