Basic Needs
Together We Will End Hunger, Malnourishment, and Homelessness

USDA Eat Fresh is an online resource for CalFresh (SNAP, or food stamps) eligible individuals and families, though this website is a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their health. Our goals are

  • To encourage cooking at home with fresh foods and minimally processed non-perishables
  • To show users that healthy change happens even though barriers exist
  • To better understand the link between lifestyle/diet choices with the prevention of chronic diseases

The website features 6 areas:

  1. Recipes
    • Different recipes based on meal type, cuisine, cooking environment, dietary info, step-by-step recipe and specific ingredient or keyword.
  2. Meal Plans
    • Different meal plans which meet different requests are provided: crockpot/slow cooker meal plans, kids-friendly meal plans, low added sugar meal plans, vegetarian meal plans and very quick meal plans.
  3. Discover Foods
    • Questions on a specific kind of fruit or vegetable? Find information on: how to purchase it from your local farmer's markets, tips on storage and cooking, and dietary benefits.
  4. Ask a Dietitian
    • You can submit dietary questions online and be answered by an dietitian or explore the FAQs.
  5. Lifestyle
    • Learn ways to put you and your family on a path to better health.
  6. My Local Resources
    • Select from the list of counties to view food resources located in the county, including farmer's markets, food banks, and government agencies.

How to use

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 Click on the image to be directed to the mini course page.