About Us

UC Berkeley New Basic Needs Center


The Basic Needs Center team is committed to fostering belonging and justice on the UC Berkeley campus through a robust model of prevention, intervention and emergency relief efforts. Our efforts aim to combat the structural drivers of basic needs insecurity such as rising income inequality, increasing cost of living, inadequate high school preparation, and more. Using a holistic and systematic approach, we target the different facets of basic needs insecurity on campus in order to consistently reduce the number of students that require emergency resources.

We envision an equitable and inclusive campus where all students have access to the necessary support to thrive.


Ongoing basic needs justice for all UC Berkeley community members no matter who they are or where they come from.


Belonging & Justice


Provide equitable programming today; advocate and engage to lead systemic change tomorrow.

Theory of Change

 Advocacy, Research, Prevention, Sustainability

Our holistic model comprises four key areas:

1. Research 

2. Prevention 

3. Sustainability 

4. Advocacy

Prevention Model

Inverted Pyramid Prevention Model Starting with All students (pre uc, admission messaging, 1st years) then Basic needs insecure populations (calfresh, BN services, emergency relief, crisis resolution)

Our Basic Needs Inverted Pyramid Prevention Model shows the various stages and resources we have identified as important to effectively reduce basic needs insecurity within UC Berkeley. 

We aim to address basic needs insecurity through basic needs messaging and support: (i) before folks arrive at UC Berkeley, (ii) during transitions into campus, and (iii) during their first-year experience; thus, reducing situations of emergency and/or crises.