What is the Student Basic Needs Fee?

The Student Basic Needs Fee will be a new mandatory fee of $15.00 per semester, $10.00 per summer. The fee will be assessed starting in fall 2019 to undergraduate and graduate students, including summer; will be subject to annual inflation adjustments starting in fall 2020; will terminate at the end of summer 2029; will have thirty-three percent of revenue allocated for return-to-aid per campus policy; and will provide equitable basic needs services to students experiencing economic, food, and housing insecurity (displacement or homelessness). The fee will expand food assistance support to at-need students not eligible for CalFresh, increase CalFresh enrollment, and provide support for students experiencing homelessness, chronic housing insecurity, or displacement. 

The Student Basic Needs Referendum will sunset in 10 years at the end of summer 2029.  In compliance with University and campus policy, the fee level may be reduced or eliminated within reason, for example, if university funding can reach the same proportion of the costs of the need and staffing costs.

The Fee Oversight Committee


All fees will be overseen by the Basic Needs Fee Oversight Committee, which will be charged with ensuring that the fees support the original intention of the Referendum while being responsive to the evolving nature of student need. The committee will have the responsibility of monitoring the revenue and expenses of such programs.

Powers, Duties, Responsibilities:

All members of the Basic Needs Fee Oversight Committee will exercise voting power in decision-making on the uses of the fee, advising on how the fees may serve undergraduate and graduate students equitably.