Additional Food Resources

If you're ineligible for CalFresh or waiting for your benefits to kick in, you can explore these additional food resources!

If Ineligible:

Emergency Food Award

Short-term financial award for non-CalFresh eligible students with financial need or CalFresh eligible students in extreme need who have yet to receive their EBT and have exhausted other funding options, including student loans (if applicable).

Find out more at the Basic Needs Holistic Support Application

Available to:

  • non-CalFresh eligible students with financial need 
  • CalFresh eligible students in extreme need who have exhausted other funding options.

Short Term Emergency Relief: 

Food Pantry

Emergency food relief supply for all UC Berkeley students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, and faculty. 

Students and staff are welcome to take as much as needed, whenever needed, while being mindful that it is a shared community resource for emergencies. 

For most up to date announcements, see the Food Pantry Facebook Page

Off-Campus Emergency Food Resources 

Check out Food Now to find food pantries or soup kitchens near you, or call the Emergency Food Helpline at 510-635-3663.

You can also find daily emergency food resources available in the City of Berkeley at the Berkley Outreach Coalition.

Preventative Resources:

University Health Services Nutrition Counseling

Consult a registered dietitian about your nutrition needs and how you can best utilize your new food resources. 

Learn more at the University Health Services Nutrition website(link is external) or attend their drop in hours at the Basic Needs Center.