Basic Needs Seminars with the Food for Thought Team

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Seminars for your basic needs

Our program began in Fall 2017 with the idea to combine life skill classes with resources. We started with only our food seminar course but have grown over time to offer more courses and resources! 
With support from the Wellness, Tech, and TGIF funds, we have begun creating our own space, laptop rental system, and textbook library for our enrolled students. Additionally, we work with the Ethnic Studies department to offer all our students academic credit for taking these courses. Our goal is to help other students gain life skills that they can take beyond the classroom setting.

Spring 2022 Seminars

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Computer Seminar

Learn basic computer skills for careers and advocacy efforts including Microsoft and Adobe programs.

(Mondays 5 - 7pm; 2 Units, Letter Graded, CCN 27305)

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Emotion Seminar

Learn about emotional wellbeing and factors that can be impacting your wellness.

(Thursdays 5 - 7pm; 2 Units, Letter Graded, CCN 27795)

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Narrative Seminar

Reflect on your own life story as you craft a statement of purpose narrative for post graduation applications (Grad, Med, Law, Career).

(Tuesdays 5 - 7pm; 2 Units, Letter Graded, CCN 27812)

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Nutrition Seminar

Learn about nutrition on your body and the impacts our food systems have on our food options. 

(Wednesdays 4-6; 2 Units, Letter Graded, CCN 27813)

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Cooking Seminar

Volunteer with community partners to cook and prepare meals for the unhoused community.

(Times vary on role; 1 Unit, P/NP, email for CCN)

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Pedagogy Seminar

Learn about Peer to Peer education models, get to shadow a Food for Thought Seminar, and work on public speaking skills.

(Monday 1-3; 1 Unit, P/NP, email for CCN)