Community Cooking Seminar

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Exploring Engagement and Culinary Skills 

Mondays from 12 pm - 2 pm

The goal of this 1 unit P/NP Community Cooking seminar is to provide students with an opportunity to understand and engage with the greater food systems of Berkeley and discover their own role in the larger food network. Through the weekly seminar consisting of food recovery and preparation, students will connect with the Basic Needs Center, the Berkeley Food Pantry, and other organizations to learn about resources and how to cook for both themselves and the Berkeley community. Ultimately, in doing so, students will reflect on their own relationship with food and pioneer ways in which they can help those around them who are food insecure.

Seminar Leads

Mason Sakamoto

Mason Sakamoto (he/him)

Heyo I’m Mason Sakamoto and I’m a 4th (!!) year Bioengineering major with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. I was born and raised in sunny West LA, so I enjoy basic things like avocado toast, but also enjoy experimenting with new foods and recipes! I recently picked up sourdough baking (like so many people stuck at home lol) so if you want to get your hands on some starter or just want to strike up a conversation. Catch me co-teaching the Nutrition Seminar, as well as Cooking with the Community, or hanging out in the Food Pantry.

Madeline Enciso smiling in dress

Madeline Enciso (she/her)

Hello! I'm Madeline, and I am a 4th year, majoring in integrative biology with a minor in global public health. My hobbies are dancing, playing video games, and reading comics. I am a big foodie so before the pandemic, I would like to go out and try new restaurants around the area. I am excited to share my love of food and help create dishes for students and the community around them.

Nadeem Wali in suit

Nadeem Wali (he/him)

Hello Everyone! My name is Nadeem, and I’m a current Junior majoring in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Environmental Engineering. I enjoy learning about water access inequality and finding solutions to combat it. I aspire to be a regulator for environmental laws and ethics as well as promoting equality for all. I’m passionate about exploring different cultures and their traditional dishes. I love using sous vide and grilling and hope to open a restaurant one day with that specialty. Looking forward to sharing my passion with y’all!