Nutrition Seminar

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Underrepresented Students and Food Security

Wednesdays from 6 - 8 PM

CCN: 25389

Each semester, we offer a seminar that is 2 units for a letter grade. The seminar is an upper division seminar that will cover various topics in Food and Nutrition! Additionally, we provide students the opportunity for hands on learning in the kitchen, where we learn basic cooking skills and meal prepping strategies.

*Can count towards the Food System Minor*

Lecture Goals:

  1. Learn about basic nutrition and how to discern what is accurate in nutrition media

  2. Breakdown food insecurity and find how it relates to different groups on campus

  3. Create and find new ways to address food insecurity

Kitchen Goals:

  1. Build on cooking skills in a community kitchen space

  2. Reflect on your own identity and how that relates to you food security

  3. Learn from other students and do interactive activities

Click here for the syllabus.

Seminar Leads

Alyssa Cazares smiling with a plate of food

Alyssa Cazares (they/them)

Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am from Oxnard, CA. I am a first-generation, third-year student at Cal pursuing a double major in Legal Studies & Ethnic Studies with a minor in Education. I love to meet new people and learn more about the outside world! I am also a musician and mystery novel fanatic. Catch me reading and eating Hi-Chews on Memorial Glade orrr the VLSB Library (literally my second home). I look forward to meeting all of you!

Abi Hwang-Nable

Abi Hwang-Nable (she/her)

Hi y’all, my name is Abi and my pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I’m a third year here at Cal studying Conservation & Resource studies with a focus on Food Systems and Education in CNR. During my spare time you can find me cooking/baking, exploring SF, or hanging out in Foothill (Unit 4). This will be my second time teaching this seminar and I am super excited for this semester- even if it is partially online! One fun fact about me is that I want to go to culinary school after I graduate and hopefully own my own restaurant someday. Talk to me for a recipe swap OR we can cook/bake together!!