Nataly Del Cid (she/her)

Job title: 
Grad Team Ambassador

Nataly Del Cid is a first-generation and first year MSW student specializing in Advancing Health and Well-Being Across the Adult Lifespan. She was born and raised by a Mexican-Guatemalan family in SouthEast Los Angeles. Her personal experience with intergenerational poverty, mental distress and trauma has informed her how poverty and inaccessibility to basic needs is directly linked to the collective mental health of marginalized communities. Her personal life experiences and professional experience in the social work and mental health field have fueled her passion in advocating for underserved communities' access to basic needs and trauma-informed mental health services. She looks forward to building relationship with our underserved graduate students on campus and working with the Basic Needs Center to develop a holistic based needs program with resources catered to the unique needs of our students on campus.