Tatiana De Leon (she/her)

Job title: 
CalFresh Ambassador

My name is Tatiana De Leon (she/her) and I am your new CalFresh Ambassador for the Basic Needs Center. I graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. While in school, I worked as a behavioral therapist for over 3 years, where I supported clients and their families using ABA therapy. After I graduated, I became a Case Manager with Homeboy Industries, serving gang-affiliated and formerly incarcerated individuals. My work in social services has made me interested in early intervention and preventative measures for juveniles. Gaps in knowledge and my desire to continue advocating for marginalized groups, has led me to pursue an MSW degree at UC Berkeley. In my free time, I love thrift store shopping, trying new foods, and going to live stand-up comedy shows.