About Us

The Food Pantry provides emergency nonperishable food and fresh produce to UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty while they explore additional food security resources.

The Pantry launched in Spring 2014 as a direct response to the need among student and staff for more resources to fight food insecurity. Rising fees, textbook costs, and living expenses have resulted in many having to forgo their basic needs in order to be a part of UC Berkeley. The 2013 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey revealed that 1 in 5 students identified having to skip meals "often" and "very often" in order to save money.

We first opened our doors in old Stiles Hall, serving around 500 students in the first year. As of 2019, we average around 19,500 visits per semester and have since relocated to the Basic Needs Center in the lower level (BNorth) of MLK Student Union to be united with other basic needs resources.

Today, the Pantry is operated by a team of student staff, volunteers, and community partners. Our efforts wouldn't be possible without the donations from our local farms and partners, our passionate volunteers, our generous donors, and more.

To learn more, you can check out our FAQ or request an interview, presentation, or collaboration at our Inquiry Form.

We also rely on our family and friends to keep us going. You can contribute by volunteering or making a donation.

Want to learn more about us and basic needs at UC Berkeley? Learn more at our Research Page or request a presentation

More questions? Email us at foodpantry@berkeley.edu.