Ryan Farquhar (he/him)

Job title: 
Research & Education Coordinator

Coming from Modesto, California, Ryan has seen the impacts of food insecurity from a young age as a foster youth. Since moving to Berkeley, Ryan has worked to give back to his Berkeley community through the creation of Food for Thought. This program combined life skills courses to help students learn strategies to address basic needs insecurity. As well, Ryan worked to address stigma around houselessness as Class Director in the Suitcase Clinic. As a graduate student, Ryan worked as an intern at the San Francisco Department of Public Health within the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch where he worked on virtual implementation and program evaluation of the Intentional Walk Program. He was the Graduate Student Instructor for NST 20, a personal food security course where he earned the Outstanding GSI award for his work. He also was awarded Fellowships for the Schweitzer and Maternal Children's Health programs to start his own local food pharmacy program. Ryan has also been the Graduate Student Researcher for the Basic Needs Center where he greeted the Research, Evaluation, and Reporting branch with new reporting structures and an online data dashboard. Post graduation, Ryan will be a full-time dietetic intern at Cal while continuing his work full time at Basic Needs Center as our Research and Education Coordinator. Ryan is also an avid video game and digital art enthusiast that has played hundreds of video games in his free time.