Food for Thought Ambassador

Abi Hwang-Nable (she/her)

Food Pharmacy Ambassador

Hello hello, my name is Abi & I’m a 4th year studying Conservation and Resource Studies (CRS) in the College of Natural Resources. My CRS title is “Educating the Youth in Nutrition & Lifestyle” which allows me to take a very broad array of classes. I hope to bring excitement around cooking, basic kitchen skills, and random fun facts about food to the program!

Alyssa (they/she)

Trainings and DeCals Ambassador

Rising senior pursuing a double major in Legal Studies and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Education (I know lots of humanities involved lol). I love exploring new places esp in the Bay and love to sing and dance! I was previously a Nutrition Lead but now I’m happy to be back as a Training Lead!

Diana Sam (she/her)

Trainings and DeCals Ambassador

Hello! My name is Diana, and I am so excited to be part of BNC! I am a Junior majoring in Public Health. I am also a Health Worker for Unit 1 this year! I love to sing, and I enjoy studying topics pertaining to public policy, climate change, public health, healthcare disparities, and poverty. I am so excited and honored to be a part of Food for Thought and to have the privilege of serving our students and community through this position.

Graciela Serratos (she/they)

Emotion Seminar Ambassador

When I first came to Berkeley as a transfer student, I personally experienced food insecurity and homelessness on campus. I utilized the Basic Needs Center day in and day out to simply survive while also trying to balance my work and school life. It is today because of the Basic Needs Center I now have a warm place to stay and nutritious food. In addition they have given me the opportunity to be the provider for my family. I would never want anyone to go through the hardships that I went through during my first year at UC Berkeley and that is why I am so passionate about my...

Janae Stradford (she/her)

Narrative Ambassador

I’m currently a sophomore planning to major in environmental economics & policy and minor in human rights interdisciplinary. In my position, I hope to learn more about what it takes to be a leader and make a positive impact on our student community. I’m so excited to be a part of the BNC team!

Mason Sakamoto (he/him)

Food Pharmacy Ambassador

Heyo I’m Mason Sakamoto and I’m a recent Bioengineering major with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice graduate. I was born and raised in sunny West LA, so I enjoy basic things like avocado toast, but also enjoy experimenting with new foods and recipes! I recently picked up sourdough baking (like so many people stuck at home lol) so if you want to get your hands on some starter or just want to strike up a conversation. Catch me co-teaching the Nutrition Seminar, as well as Cooking with the Community, or hanging out in the Food Pantry.

Nikita Krishnan (she/her)

Emotion Seminar Ambassador

Hello! My name is Nikita Krishnan, and I am from San Diego, California. I am a junior studying political economy with a concentration in financial economics. I love working out, cooking, baking, reading, and shopping. After college, I plan on working in commercial real estate finance. I am so excited to meet you all this semester and I'm looking forward to learning more about each of you!

Suhritha Bolisetty (she/her)

Nutrition Seminar Ambassador

Hi y’all! My name is Suhritha and I’m a fourth-year student from Dallas, TX. I am studying Nutritional Sciences with a specialization in Physiology & Metabolism (go CNR)! I love to read, swim, hammock, and just generally spend time outdoors. I am passionate about nutrition and hope to make it play a larger role in medicine! I am so excited to be teaching this class and can’t wait to meet all of y’all (: