Emergency Loans

Short-term, interest-free emergency loans to help meet unanticipated expenses directly related to the cost of education

Cost of Attendance Adjustment

The Financial Aid Office may be able to increase your budget and financial aid eligibility if you incur expenses that are higher than your standard financial aid budget

Health Opportunity Fund

Funds (up to $130) available to use for services and prescriptions at the Tang Center

Orion Fund

Grants for students in health crisis to cover health costs, medical technology, and other living expenses

Bears for Financial Success

Peer-to-peer financial wellness program that offers one-on-one appointments to help students manage personal finances

International Student Need-Based Medical Fund

Medical fund for international students experiencing unanticipated medical costs, paid to the medical provider directly

SAO Financial Aid Division

Provides advice and support for students experiencing financial challenges with the university, such as financial aid appeals, residency for tuition purposes, student health insurance, and more.

Financial Support

colorful interlinking hands Financial resources to sustain a just standard of living. Urgent relief

Emergency Loans: Short term loans for unanticipated expenses

Basic Needs Holistic Fund:...