Health Care

Health Care

The resources you need to stay healthy and well.

Medical Services

Urgent Care at the Tang Center: drop-in service for urgent medical problems, $35/visit regardless of insurance coverage

Financial Aid

Health Opportunity Fund: up to $130 to use for services at the Tang Center...

Mental Wellness

Support your whole self. Mental Wellness Services Counseling at University Health Services: short term counseling for all UC Berkeley students at no cost, regardless of insurance plan If you are in need of support after 4 PM, contact the CAPS after hours line at (855)-817-5667 Let's Talk Counseling Program: free, informal, brief consults with a...

Basic Needs Holistic Fund

Emergency financial support in rental assistance, food assistance, housing security deposit, medical and mental health expenses, technology, research, and emergency needs for students with dependents

Health Opportunity Fund

Funds (up to $130) available to use for services and prescriptions at the Tang Center

Urgent Care at the Tang Center

Drop-in service for urgent medical problems on campus, $35 per visit regardless of insurance coverage (Mon-Sun).

Find out more at the University Health Services website.

Available for:

All registered Berkeley students (undergraduate, graduate, international, etc.), regardless of insurance coverage

Questions? Call Urgent Care at (510) 642-3188.

Still need support? Find...

Orion Fund

Grants for students in health crisis to cover health costs, medical technology, and other living expenses

International Student Need-Based Medical Fund

Medical fund for international students experiencing unanticipated medical costs, paid to the medical provider directly