For Withdrawn Students

Housing resources for currently withdrawn UC Berkeley students. Housing

East Bay Housing Organizations: Affordable housing guide for the East Bay

Support Services

Berkeley's Housing Resource Center: If you are currently homeless, you can access support for housing navigation, shelters, and more by calling 211 (Mon-Fri 9 AM - 12 PM).

If you do not have a phone, you can access a phone...

Basic Needs Holistic Fund

Emergency financial support in rental assistance, food assistance, housing security deposit, medical and mental health expenses, technology, research, and emergency needs for students with dependents

Emergency Rental Assistance

Short term assistance with one month's rent for students with emergency housing needs

Housing Security Deposit Award

Financial support to students facing severe housing insecurity and need assistance paying security deposits to secure off- or on-campus housing

Emergency Housing

Short-term emergency housing for students facing imminent loss of housing or currently unhoused

Student Legal Services (SLS)

Free and confidential advising regarding legal questions, rights, and obligations for issues such as landlord-tenant disputes

Cal Housing

Explore and apply for UC Berkeley housing options such as residential halls, apartments, affiiliated properties, summer housing, family student housing, and more

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Tools for Berkeley tenants, such as guides to tenant's rights, rent control, and free landlord-tenant dispute mediation

Cal Rentals

Off-campus housing portal for UC Berkeley students