International Students

Basic Needs Holistic Fund

Emergency financial support in rental assistance, food assistance, housing security deposit, medical and mental health expenses, technology, research, and emergency needs for students with dependents

International Student Need-Based Grants

Need-based tuition and fee grants for international students experiencing a significant, unexpected change in their financial stituation

International Graduate Student Parent Grant

Need-based stipend for international graduate student parents with a child living with them in the Bay Area

International Student Need-Based Medical Fund

Medical fund for international students experiencing unanticipated medical costs, paid to the medical provider directly

For International Students

The Basic Needs Center is committed to supporting all students, including our international community. The resources below provide urgent relief for the basic needs of international students, but is not exhaustive.

It is important to be aware that there are tax implications for any award as your home country may tax you for any non-qualified award you receive.

For more information regarding tax implications, please...