Basic Needs Emergency Fund

What is the Basic Needs Emergency Fund?

The fund is a collaboration between the UCB Basic Needs Center, Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, Graduate Division, Graduate Assembly, and ASUC Student Advocate's Office. Through the Basic Needs Emergency Fund, the  Basic Needs Center may offer emergency financial assistance in the areas of rent, food, housing security deposit and other emergency and safety needs to enrolled students who have exhausted their financial resources. Students will also receive additional resources to meet their needs regardless of financial assistance offered through the Basic Needs Emergency Funds. Undergraduate, graduate, international, and undocumented students are eligible and welcome to apply.

We recognize that many factors impact one's ability to meet their basic needs. Our process includes an assessment that takes into account all areas of the complex student and the impacts of other expenses on your ability to pay for rent and food. Other expenses may include medical expenses, costs associated with supporting dependents, and more.

What does the Emergency Fund cover?

  1. Rental Assistance

  2. Food Assistance

  3. Housing Security Deposit*

  4. Other Emergency & Safety Needs

To Access the Basic Needs Emergency Fund

To access this resource, read the student FAQs and fill out the Basic Needs Assistance Form to request support.