Food for Thought Seminars Pre-Sign Ups (Sp 22)

December 10, 2021

Interested in taking another Food for Thought Seminar? Fill out our Pre-Sign up Form to reserve a spot!

CCNs will be released end of December/early January when our classrooms are finalized. Filling out the Pre-Sign Up form can help reserve a spot in our classes while we wait. Find more information by visiting

Core Classes (2 units, Letter Graded):

  • Computer Seminar [Monday, 5-7 PM]: Intro to Microsoft and Adobe products (Excel, Photoshop, Premiere, etc)
  • Emotional Seminar [Thursday 5-7 PM]: Learn about stress, causes, mental health, and how to promote wellness
  • Narrative Seminar [Tuesdays 5-7 PM]: Reflect and generate a narrative to help with post-graduation plans
  • Nutrition Seminar [Wednesdays 4-6 PM]: Understand nutrition, your food system, and how it impacts your health

Community Field-Study (1 units, Pass/No Pass):

  • Pedagogy Seminar [Monday 1-3 PM]: Learn about peer to peer education and get to shadow a FFT Seminar to learn about teaching, program and class development, and advocacy.
  • Cooking Seminar [Varies on role, More in Description]: Learn how about the food system while volunteering (ex: making meals for those facing houselessness). Cooking happens Tuesdays 12-2 pm. Farmer market donation runs happen on Saturdays 2 pm. Other roles available as well.

DeCal Committee:

If you are a student facilitator that runs a DeCal that discusses Basic Needs topics, email us at to learn more about joining the Basic Needs DeCal Committee to meet other like minded classes and get support for your course!