Food Pantry

Welcome to the Basic Needs Food Pantry!

The Food Pantry is an emergency relief program that is designed to meet the short-term food security needs of the UC Berkeley community, which includes all UC Berkeley students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, visiting scholars, student researchers, postdocs, and faculty who need food.

We offer items such as rice, pasta, milk, cereal, freezer items, and fresh produce!

We are 90% volunteer-run, almost entirely by students and serve thousands of visitors every month! Visitors are welcome to visit up to once per week, by joining the virtual line. You can take as much as needed while being mindful that this is a shared community resource for emergencies. 

Food Pantry Visitor Instructions

We have separate, designated hours for students and staff. This means that staff may only come during designated "Staff Pantry Hours" and students (undergraduate and graduate) may only come during "Student Pantry Hours"Postdocs, visiting scholars and researchers may choose the hours that work best for them. Please note: No one is allowed to visit more than once per week. Visitors who try to check in and have already visited that week will not be allowed to visit the pantry that day, but we will share additional community pantry information that you can access in the meantime.

Step 1:

  • Make sure you have a bag with you for your food! Then during designated open hours, our virtual line will open (see pink button on this page). To add yourself to the virtual line, use your phone, computer, or our ipad kiosk.  

  • Choose your preferred language from several options: English, Spanish, and Mandarin. 

  • Input your information: phone number, then name.

  • Join the line by clicking the Pantry Hours button on the next page.

  • You will receive a text message confirming you are in line, with a few reminders, and an estimated wait time or you can check the monitor at our check-in desk.

Step 2:

  • Once you have received the text that “You have reached the front of the line!”, please head to the 1st floor of MLK Student Union by the Bnorth entrance Food Pantry check-in desk to let us know you have arrived.

  • Every visitor must check in at our desk on the 1st floor at the BNorth entrance before they can visit the Pantry downstairs.

Step 3:

  • You will san your Cal ID (or share your ID#) at the 1st floor check-in desk. Then you can head down the elevator or stairs to visit the Pantry!

  • After "shopping" we will check your items out and help you pack your bag. There are no costs associate with anything, but we use check outs to keep inventory of everything still in stock at the pantry and what to order more of.
Photo of BNC Food Pantry Check In Desk on the 1st floor of the MLK Student Union

Food Pantry Check In Desk, on the 1st Floor of the MLK Student Union.
Photo credit: Flora G. Huynh @flor_aah/@florasnoms

Photo of grocery basket filled with pantry items like juice, milk, frozen fish, canned goods, fruit

Example of a grocery basket of pantry goods!

Photo credit: Flora G. Huynh @flor_aah/@florasnoms

Summer Food Pantry Resources

While the food pantry is closed this summer, we will post any updates here.

BNC Food Pantry on Thursday 7/25 from 1-5 pm

The BNC Food Pantry will be open to students Thursday, 7/25 from 1-5:00pm (closed for restocking from 2:30-3pm). Please sign up on the virtual line by clicking the pink box below during those hours. Additionally, we will be providing information on other basic needs food related resources that are available this summer. We will be in our usual location in bNorth, the lower level of the MLK Jr Student Union!

For Staff: We will host a Summer Pantry Pop-Up on Tuesday, June 18th. Located on the first floor of the MLK Student Union from 1-5pm (closed for restock 2-2:30pm and 3:30-4pm).