Food Pantry

Please Note: The Food Pantry is re-opening on Tuesday, June 21st on the first floor of the MLK Student Union. Please be patient as we may be short staffed as we open back up this summer!

Welcome to the Food Pantry!

The Food Pantry is an emergency food relief supply for all UC Berkeley students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, visiting scholars, student researchers, postdocs, and faculty.

We offer items such as rice, pasta, milk, cereal, freezer items, and fresh produce!

Students and staff are welcome to come up to once per week, take as much as needed whenever needed while being mindful that it is a shared community resource for emergencies. 

The Pantry operates on a self-assessed need basis. There are no eligibility requirements and all you need is your Cal ID or Cal ID # (if you don't have your physical card yet).

The Food Pantry is now using QLess!

What is QLess? QLess is a web-based system where you can wait in a virtual line rather than an in-person line. We are only taking those that join the QLess line, but you can join with or without a phone!

How does QLess work? Once you join our virtual QLess line, you will recieve a text message once its time for you to come to the Food Pantry! Once you come, you scan your Cal ID card and continue through the Pantry.

How do I join the QLess line? You can join in 3 ways: singing up at the iPad at the Food Pantry, scanning the QR code near the Food Pantry, or by using the link on this page. 

You can only join the QLess Line once the Food Pantry opens!

The Food Pantry is continuing to host Pop-Up Pantries on the 1st floor of the MLK Student Union (by the student store) this Summer.

We will be open:

Tuesday, June 21st - Saturday, August 6th:

Monday 4-6PM

Tuesday 3-6PM

Wednesday 8-11AM

Thursday 3-7PM

Saturday 11AM-1PM

We will be closed:

  • Saturday, May 14th through Monday, June 20th

  • Saturday, July 2nd and Monday, July 4th

Campus Community Under Quarantine

 The Food Pantry will restart deliveries when we are open for anyone with a Cal ID who is under quarantine due to a positive Covid-19 result and cannot afford groceries or delivery fees. Please reach out to and fill out this form for assistance.

For emergency food needs, while we are closed, please refer to Berkeley Food Network at 9th & University in West Berkeley or Berkeley Food Pantry at 1600 Sacramento St.

Arrow pointing to Basic Needs Center Location in Lower Level of MLK Student Union

While the pantry is temporarily on the 1st floor of the ASUC MLK Jr. Student Union at 2495 Bancroft Way, the BNC is still located in the BNorth Space downstairs

food pantry shelves

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