Additional Food Resources

While utilizing the Food Pantry as emergency relief, you can explore these additional food resources! Long Term Relief: CalFresh

Awards eligible students up to $194 per month for groceries to help you stretch your monthly food budget. Comes in the form of an EBT card that can be used like a debit card at most major grocery stores. Find out more at the CalFresh page.

Available to eligible US citizens or permanent legal...


CalFresh, also known as SNAP/EBT, is a long term food assistance program that awards eligible students up to $234 per month for groceries.


Get access to consistent, nutritious, and healthy food. Urgent relief

Food Pantry: emergency food relief

Food Assistance Program: direct financial award for food for those in need of additional support Off-Campus Food Pantries

Preventative Resources


Basic Needs Holistic Fund

Emergency financial support in rental assistance, food assistance, housing security deposit, medical and mental health expenses, technology, research, and emergency needs for students with dependents

Food Assistance Program

Short term financial award for non-CalFresh eligible students with financial need or CalFresh eligible students in extreme need who have yet to receive their EBT and have exhausted other funding options

International Student Need-Based Grants

Need-based tuition and fee grants for international students experiencing a significant, unexpected change in their financial stituation

Bear Pantry Food & Diaper Bank

Food and diaper assistance program for University Village residents with financial need

Food Pantry

Emergency food relief supply for all of UC Berkeley, offering nonperishable foods, fresh produce, and more