For International Students

The Basic Needs Center is committed to supporting all students, including our international community. The resources below provide urgent relief for the basic needs of international students, but is not exhaustive.

It is important to be aware that there are tax implications for any award as your home country may tax you for any non-qualified award you receive. 

For more information regarding tax implications, please see Glacier/Tax Information.

Support @ The Berkeley International Office (BIO)

The Berkeley International Office provides advising and support for Cal's international students, including a limited financial aid program for those who have experienced a significant, unexpected change in their financial situation. We highly recommend contacting BIO to speak with an adviser about your situation and learn about available resources.


CalFresh is not available as a food resource for international students, but the resources below remain available to you:

  • Food Pantry: emergency food relief supply offering nonperishable foods, fresh produce, and more; available to anyone with a Cal1 ID
  • Food Assistance Program: short term financial award for non-CalFresh eligible students with financial need 


  • Emergency Housing: short-term emergency housing for students facing imminent loss of housing or currently unhoused
  • Housing Security Deposit Award: financial support for students facing severe housing insecurity and need assistance in paying security deposits to secure off- or on-campus housing
  • Emergency Rental Assistance: short term assistance with one month's rent 

Health Care

Mental Wellness

Basic Needs Assistance Form

If you are experiencing an urgent challenge with access to adequate food, stable housing, general financial resources, or other basic needs, we encourage you to complete our Basic Needs Assistance Form below so that we may connect you with the needed resources.