Emergency Housing

What is Emergency Housing?

The goal of the Basic Needs Center Emergency Housing program is to provide short-term emergency housing to students who are homeless or at imminent risk of losing their housing. Emergency housing is for students who are in situations that include:

  • safety concerns
  • unforeseen and unplanned housing disruptions including displacement and eviction
  • other crisis situations
  • living in public or places not intended for habitation (vehicle, park, etc)


Emergency housing is available to currently enrolled UC Berkeley students (graduate, undergraduate, international, etc.)

What is not an emergency housing situation?

  • Short-term gap housing
  • Temporary housing

How to Apply

Apply for emergency housing with the Basic Needs Assistance Form

After Hours Emergency Housing Resources

The Basic Needs Center’s Emergency Housing program can be accessed during regular business hours (9am - 5pm) and is closed on weekends/holidays. For emergency housing needs during evening, weekend and holiday hours, please consider whether you have options such as family, friends, hotels/motels/Airbnb, etc. If you are unable to secure a temporary location to stay, below are options for local shelter resources:

Shelters and Community Resources

If you can not find emergency shelter with family or friends and can not afford an emergency stay at a hotel/motel for one night, contact:

Other Emergency Needs